Bancroft Institute
Workshops and Policy and Research Discussion Series

The Bancroft Institute for Studies on Workers’ Compensation and Work Injury, in collaboration with the CRWDP National Office, continues to engage injured workers, advocates and academics through its workshops and Policy and Research Discussion series.

NEW! Upcoming Bancroft Institute Workshop, October 3, 2017

"Pre-existing or related? Workplace injury and chronic health conditions"

Keynote speakers - Becky Casey and Peri Ballantyne

Location: Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue, Toronto. Click here to access the flyer (pdf), click here to access the flyer (word).


Videos for the following Policy and Research Discussion series are available:

​Keynote speaker: Stephanie Premji [video presentation]

Ivana Petricone, Injured Worker Story [video presentation]

Panel discussion: Rebecca Gewurtz (McMaster University, School of Rehabilitation Science); Judy Kondrat (Human Rights Legal Support Centre); Debbie Coulson (International Union of Operating Engineers); Steve Mantis (Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups) [video presentation]

Sang-Hun Mun, Injured Worker Story [video presentation]


Three Research and Action Workshops were held in 2014, 2015 and 2017:


Steve Mantis and Marion Endicott [video presentation]

Wayne Lewchuk [video presentation]

Karen Messing [video presentation]

Emile Tompa [video presentation]

Peri Ballantyne [video presentation]

Bonnie Heath [video presentation]

Details for the following Policy and Research Discussion series are available:

Source: Bancroft Institute webpage on the Injured Workers Online website: