Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability

Our Mission

To prevent and reduce pain, pain-related suffering and disability by creating and sharing high quality evidence-based resources and information.

Our Values

We are committed to creating and nurturing academic community partnerships to identify and share the latest credible  research and information on prevention and reduction of pain, pain-related suffering and disability.

We believe in sharing research, tools, and information to empower people to make informed decisions about their healthcare and quality of life. This includes the right to work in safe, psychologically healthy, productive and accommodating workplaces.

We are committed to creating and disseminating implementation resources to the public, health professionals, employers and employees for the betterment of employee health and work productivity.

Our foundation is built on the qualities underpinning good research: meaningful collaboration, reliable data, appropriate analysis and transparency. We strive to act ethically and bring credibility to all our work. 

Our Goals

  1. To improve the quality of health services and health care treatments to prevent pain, pain-suffering and disability.
  2. To increase communication and collaboration between academic researchers and a broad-base of stakeholders to reduce the gap between what information stakeholders are seeking and what research is done.
  3. To provide credible, evidence-based resources to support the continuum of education for all stakeholders who participate in disability prevention, disability management and work productivity.
  4. To empower patients, families, employers, workers and others with credible implementation resources to mobilize current research to inform policy, training and practice.

To this end CIRPD has created an online academic community partnership called the Heath and Work Productivity Portal to facilitate the identification and translation of high quality research and implementation resources ( The portal is currently being piloted and beta-tested.

Why we became involved with the CRWDP?

Work is a social determinant of health. As a transdisciplinary project, CRWDP provides an opportunity for researchers (from many different disciplines), community organizations, and decision-makers to work together to get a much broader understanding about the many factors that contribute to disability in the Canadian context. The collection and aggregation of multiple sources of data will provide a more complete picture of the challenges and opportunities to prevent and mitigate the negative consequences of disability, that limits people’s participation in the work force. The new knowledge gained by this unique collaboration supports the creation of an evidence-informed more coordinated approach to address national and provincial barriers that negatively impacts work participation and quality of life for people with disabilities. Research arising from this project following peer-review will make an important contribution to the Health and Work Productivity Portal project.

Contact Information

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CRWDP Contact:

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